The way we eat and what we eat can play an enormous role in how we feel...and look. It can even be the deciding factor, whether our ‘negative’ genes are turned on or off. In other words, whether we develop heredity diseases such as high blood pressure,
cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.

At the Carlton Wellness Centre we strive to make you the healthiest and most energetic ‘you’. Every individual has a unique constitution, likes and dislikes. We work with you to achieve an ideal diet and lifestyle that can be obtained and maintained for life. It’s about discovering what has been working and not working for you. We will motivate you to find a healthy, balanced way of being that you can maintain on your own. We offer diet plans and delicious recipes to make every step of the way easy and achievable. We will change the way you think about food.


Nutrition Prices:

  • Nutrition initial consultation – $140
  • Follow up nutrition – $95
  • Food plan – $160
  • Digital cookbook – $35

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